Polyphosphate Feeder

The “PHOS” scale inhibitor feeders series has been designed to be installed on the pipes that bring water into the boiler and prevent scale, making them very useful in presence of hard water. This feeder finds an easy application on boilers and water heaters, preventing the possibility of scale encrustations. Phos is available also with bypass valve, to allow easy replacement of the cartridge once exhausted. Thanks to the adjustable head Phos can also be installed in the smallest spaces.

It’s provided complete of: 

  • cartridge with polyphosphate, which must be changed periodically
  • key for disassembling the ring nut
  • seals
  • allen wrench.

Construction materials:

  • Head: BRASS
  • Ring nut: BRASS
  • Connections: BRASS
  • O-ring: NBR
  • Bowl: SAN

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