Standard quality in all our products

International Drops expresses the maximum of its experience in the production of cartridge filters, notoriously one of the simplest and most effective filtration systems adopted for small and medium flow liquids.

We produce filters for food, technological and industrial use

The main field of application of the wide range of International Drops devices is the screening of suspended particles in liquids for food, technological and industrial use in general; however, their use also extends to improving the potability of water or to make safe sanitary use, also guaranteed by the complete non-toxicity of the materials used for all components. The company produces the entire device: the container and the cartridge, together with a full range of accessories designed to facilitate assembly as well as improve the performance and safety of the filters. High technology and advanced solutions also in the cartridges available in different models: wire wound, washable nylon, melt blown, pleated, activated carbon or polyphosphate, to filter but also to treat water.

Quality test

International Drops equipment passes daily the most severe destructive and fatigue tests and burst tests of containers, in which the pressures reached are always measured above 20 BAR. These tests are aimed at verifying that both the finished product and the entire process, starting from the materials used, the molding times and cooling times, first of all meet the strict internal quality standards as well as the parameters set by the EEC.

Technology and research

The technological effort, the seriousness of research and controls on the non-toxicity of materials are maximum, especially in the treatment of drinking water, an area in which even the smallest approximation cannot be tolerated. All International Drops products filter the experience derived from the collaboration with the most authoritative industries for the treatment of liquids and water in general and therefore guarantee effectiveness of use combined with the most complete reliability and safety.