Triple stage with ultrafiltration filtering cartridges

CRYSTAL is a high-performance composite structure cartridge, this technology combines the application of a membrane made of polyethylene fibers and activated carbon powder, thus ensuring a high filtration right of 0.5µ. The CRYSTAL series also available in silver version, in silver version active carbon powder is impregnated with silver salts.

  • The double surface membrane with a special drain ensures an excellent mechanical action, trapping the microparticles in suspension, rust, mildew and algae;
  • Activated carbon in coconut powder effectively removes chlorine and its derivatives, reduces over metals and toxic organic compounds.
  • The silver salts of which carbon is impregnated, perform an excellent bacteriostatic action preventing bacterial proliferation inside the filter.

Construction materials:

  • Filtration media: COCONUT ACTIVATED CARBON
  • Membrane: POLYETHYLENE
  • Cartridge: POLYPROPYLENE
  • Gaskets: PE EVA

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